SmartFOREXinvestor Software, created jointly by math theorists and professional FOREX traders, is an algorithm-based alternative tool for successful FOREX trading.

Our prediction software and database system is simultaneously running 40 000 prediction-robots(with a combined history of nearly 5 million predictions) on a daily basis.Each day we give 4 main currency pairs for our robots to analyze and each one of them, by using its own algorithm, chooses whether they rise or fall. Predictions for the next day are made considering the last trade price, starting at 16.00 CET and locked in at 19.15 CET. Our top robots generate a stable and long-run 70%+ Pip gain rate, more than enough to make fair profits.The analyzing software is entirely based on mathematical algorithms and theory of probability - something many people do not take seriously enough, but which, in the long run, always prevails. Our predictions cover all the major currency pairs

With our simple and intuitive search platform you can easily monitor all our robots: their stability, trends and most importantly, the future predictions of the currency pairs! Join us today!